HACS Online Writing Lab

Who We Are

All writers can benefit from having other writers critique their written work, listen to their formulation of ideas, and share in the project of translating their nascent thoughts and arguments into polished prose.  We are a group of faculty, alumni, and graduate students dedicated to establishing an online community of enthusiastic and responsible writers drafting effective, precise, and elegant essays for their course requirements here at Holy Apostles College and Seminary.


Director – Jason Lee Braun

ESL Specialist – Margaret Posner

Student and Alumni Peer Tutors: – Stephen Bujno & Daniel Younan

What We Do

The Writing Center offers tutorial sessions free of charge to all students at Holy Apostles College & Seminary. We work with writers at all stages of the essay process: we can brainstorm a topic to get you started (Skype or a telephone connection is a must for this), read a work in progress, or take a look at your prized final draft.  In this last case, however, be forewarned: a good tutor will always find room for improvement, offering a suggestion or two to even the most spectacular essayist.  Of course, you are in charge of construction: whether you decide to build on those suggestions is entirely up to you.