It is highly recommended as a means to be active and remain current in one’s field of study, to join and participate in the various professional academic societies. Please visit these sites, join the ones you feel would be beneficial to you and the community and if able, submit papers for publication.

Some membership opportunities for the following societies are only only open to those who possess a terminal degree or are restricted to institutions. Nonetheless there are those which welcome all students. And as scholars, all would be interested in their publications.

Academy of Catholic Theology
(Membership is Limited to Catholic Institutions)

The Academy of Catholic Theology’s principal purpose is to foster theological work of the highest intellectual standard that is faithful in the Spirit to the Revelation of God in Christ, as that Revelation has been handed on in Scripture and Tradition, and authoritatively interpreted by the Magisterium. Members of the Academy seek the integration of the sacred sciences and their related subdisciplines; they further value the role of philosophical investigation, especially metaphysics, in the integration of faith and reason. In this regard the Academy subscribes to the principles articulated in Instruction on the Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian: “In theology … freedom of inquiry is the hallmark of a rational discipline whose object is given by Revelation, handed on and interpreted in the Church under the authority of the Magisterium, and received by faith. These givens have the force of principles.” The mission of the Academy is to receive and seek to understand these givens of faith, insofar as the Holy Spirit enables us to do so in via.

American Catholic Historical Society
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The American Catholic Historical Society (ACHS) was founded for the purpose of collecting and preserving materials relating to American history and the contributions of Catholics to the building of our great nation, as well as the Catholic Church in the United States. It is the oldest historical organization of its kind in the United States.

American Catholic Philosophical Association
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Since 1926, scholars and thinkers, mostly based in Canada and the United States, have forged a unique tradition and community known as the “American Catholic Philosophical Association.” Steeped in classical sources and cultivating the Catholic Philosophical heritage, this tradition is known for creative engagement with major philosophers of every era and bold responses to the themes and issues of contemporary philosophy.

American Philosophical Society
(You must be elected to this Society)

An eminent scholarly organization of international reputation, the American Philosophical Society promotes useful knowledge in the sciences and humanities through excellence in scholarly research, professional meetings, publications, library resources, and community outreach. This country’s first learned society, the APS has played an important role in American cultural and intellectual life for over 250 years.

Ancient Philosophy Society
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The Ancient Philosophy Society was established to provide a forum for diverse scholarship on ancient Greek and Roman texts. Honoring the richness of the American and European philosophical traditions, the Ancient Philosophy Society supports phenomenological, postmodern, Anglo-American, Straussian, Tübingen School, hermeneutic, psychoanalytic, and feminist interpretations of ancient Greek and Roman philosophical and literary works.

It is the intention that, within the larger aim of assessing the meaning and significance of ancient texts, the Ancient Philosophy Society serve as the site of critical engagement among these various schools of interpretation and that it encourage creative and rigorous independent readings.

Black Catholic Theological Symposium
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The Black Catholic Theological Symposium is a national interdisciplinary theological society of the Roman Catholic tradition. The Symposium was established to foster among Black Catholics an ethical community of scholarly dialogue characterized by, a commitment to the fundamental humanity of all persons; and regard for the plurality of cultural, ethnic backgrounds and religious experience among Black peoples; the development of a theology which is authentically Black and truly Catholic; to publish reports, the Symposium’s discussions, and research of Symposium membership; to encourage the teaching and discussion of Black Catholic religious and cultural experiences and though within the theology and/or religious studies curriculum of colleges, universities, and seminaries; to encourage the identification and development of Black Catholic Scholars in the fields of Theology, Liturgy, Ethics, Canon Law, Church History, Biblical studies etc; to enable the identification and development of theoretically grounded practitioners in the fields of pastoral ministry and religious education; and to encourage theologically and theoretically grounded ministry and program development responsive to the needs of Black Catholics within the Church

Catholic Theological Society of America
(Student Membership Application)

Our purpose, within the context of the Roman Catholic tradition, is to promote studies and research in theology, to relate theological science to current problems, and to foster a more effective theological education, by providing a forum for an exchange of views among theologians and with scholars in other disciplines.
In this way the Society seeks to assist those entrusted with a teaching ministry of the Church to develop in the Christian people a more mature understanding of their faith, and to further the cause of unity among all people through a better appreciation of the role of religious faith in the life of human beings and society.
The Catholic Theological Society of America is legally incorporated in the State of New York as a non-profit corporation. Active members determine the direction of the Society and elect its governing officers by voting at the annual meeting.

The Board of Directors oversees the work of the Society. It is composed of the Officers and four other Directors. Officers are the President, the President-elect, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the immediate Past President. The four other Directors are elected for a two year term. At each convention a new Vice-President is elected who automatically moves on to become President-elect and President. Two new Directors are elected annually. The President-elect plans the convention for the year he or she is in office; the President presides at meetings of the Society and the Board and represents the Society to its various constituencies.

There are standing committees on Nomination, Admissions, and Resolutions. Ad hoc committees are organized for special research projects, for cooperation with the hierarchy or other professional associations, and for other needs of the Society.

College Theology Society
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The College Theology Society is a professional association of college and university professors. Founded in 1953 as a Roman Catholic organization of lay and religious teachers of undergraduate theology, the CTS today has a membership of over 900 college and university professors throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. While maintaining its roots in the Roman Catholic tradition, the Society is increasingly ecumenical in its membership and concerns.

CTS provides opportunities to:

    • Keep abreast of current activities in the academic study of religion,
    • Investigate the relationship of theology/religious studies to other academic disciplines and the place of religion in the total college curriculum,
    • Discuss and evaluate ways of teaching theology/religious studies effectively,
  • Promote the development of programs which are genuinely intellectual, value oriented, and realistically designed to meet students’ needs.

Fellowship of Catholic Scholars
(Student Membership Application)

The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars came into existence “in order to serve Jesus Christ better by helping one another in our work and by putting our abilities more fully at the service of the Catholic faith.” Its goals and objectives are elaborated in the organization’s official statement of purpose. The Fellowship’s history is found in our History Page.  The Statement of Purpose and the History page our both found in the About Us sub-menu at the left of this page, as are the By-laws.

Society for Applied Philosophy
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The Society for Applied Philosophy was founded in 1982 with the aim of promoting philosophical study and research that has a direct bearing on areas of practical concern. It arose from an increasing awareness that many topics of public debate are capable of being illuminated by the critical, analytic approach characteristic of philosophy, and by direct consideration of questions of value. These topics come from a number of different areas of social life – law, politics, economics, science, technology, medicine and education are among the most obvious. The purpose of the SAP is foster and promote philosophical work that is intended to make a constructive contribution to problems in these areas. It does so through workshops, conferences, and lecture programmes.

Society for Philosophy and Technology
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The Society for Philosophy and Technology is an independent international organization that encourages, supports and facilitates philosophically significant considerations of technology. Founded in 1976, SPT maintains an association with the American Philosophical Association, and holds sessions at each of the APA’s three annual regional meetings. Additionally, the Society convenes its own international conference biennially.

SPT publishes Techné (a scientific journal that appears three times a year), the proceedings of its international conferences, and the quarterly SPT Newsletter. The Society is dedicated to the pluralistic exploration of technology, and welcomes a variety of philosophical and other disciplinary approaches in both its conferences and its publications.

Society of Christian Philosophers
(Student Membership Application)

The Society of Christian Philosophers was organized in 1978 to promote fellowship among Christian Philosophers and to stimulate study and discussion of issues which arise from their Christian and philosophical commitments. One of its chief aims is to go beyond the usual philosophy of religion sessions at the American Philosophical Association and to stimulate thinking about the nature and role of Christian commitment in philosophy.

The Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States
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The Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States is an association of scholars dedicated to promoting research and critical theological reflection within the context of the U.S. Hispanic experience.While influences by other theologies, the articulation of the faith experience of the U.S. Hispanics is a distinct theological enterprise whose depth and richness remain largely untapped by the Church. The urgency of providing a theological voice for the lived faith of the U.S. Hispanics is further underscored by the rapidly increasing demographic significance of the U.S. Hispanic population.

The American Philosophical Association
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The American Philosophical Association promotes the discipline and profession of philosophy, both within the academy and in the public arena. The APA supports the professional development of philosophers at all levels and works to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the value of philosophical inquiry.