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DPS Mission

Established in the fall of 2006, the Dead Philosophers Society of Holy Apostles College & Seminary seeks to strengthen the community of learners within the philosophy and theology programs. Membership is free of charge and is open to all undergraduates, graduates & friends of Holy Apostles College and Seminary.

To accomplish this mission, we will pursue the following goals:

Encourage all members to join the American Philosophical Association and/or the American Catholic Philosophical Association. By plugging ourselves into a national association, we help establish a common discourse.
    1. Encourage all members to engage their courses as co-producers of the teaching and learning environment. By pursuing involvement with one another on the discussion board, even if independent of direction by the course tutor, we will focus more fully on our studies and strengthen one another’s understanding of the course materials. Some ways to do this are
      • Post talking points and respond to those posted by others on the major themes of each course
      • Post papers written throughout each course by their due dates
      • Post links to important websites that support on-topic discussion
      • Post a coffeehouse forum in each class for off-topic discussion (and enter into it often)
  1. Encourage all members to engage in dialogue outside of any given course by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and facilitating periodic meetings to discuss issues and problems of mutual interest.