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Apologetics Toolkit: Existence of God (Part 1)

Many proofs for the existence of God have been formulated, and it can be difficult for the amateur apologist to understand and commit each to memory.  Dr. Kreeft, in his Summa of the Summa, lays out 24 arguments, and admits that there are many more!  Beyond this, the differences between each argument can be subtle […] Read More

Apologetics Toolkit: Explaining the Real Presence

I’m part of a informal faith group that meets on a semi-regular basis.  Very often our conversations turn towards issues of doctrine, most recently, the nature of the Eucharist.  My Protestant/Non-Denominational friends are the mindset that Jesus intended the receiving of bread and wine as a symbolic gesture, whereas I am obviously of the Catholic persuasion that […] Read More

The Method of Loci: Building your Apologetics’ Toolset

As a budding (and quite amateur) apologist, I’m constantly looking for new methods to develop my ability to connect with others about the Catholic faith.  Many methods I’ve adopted involve developing my “soft” skills, of which I owe a debt of gratitude to men like Patrick Madrid who taught me that not only does one […] Read More

Evernote: A Digital Commonplace for a Digital World

How often have you been deeply immersed in the worlds of Middle-Earth, Narnia, or Dante’s afterlife, and were so struck by a passage that it resonated within you as you paused your reading, for just a few seconds?  How about pouring through Aquinas, Kreeft, or Lewis?  I can’t even guess how many times they drove […] Read More