I’d like to share with you three initiatives for the upcoming academic year. The first has to do with our MOOCs:
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I would like to thank those of you who have followed our MOOCs since they first launched five years ago in the fall of 2012. In those five years, Holy Apostles fielded over five dozen unique and free 4- to 6-week MOOCs, many of which were launched multiple times.
To better align my current activities with community needs, I’m going to adapt the model for us this year to no longer offer Massive Open Online Courses of the kind to which we’ve grown accustomed via an external LMS like Edvance360 or Facebook.
With special thanks to the Association of Theological Schools that provided us with grant funding for this transition, the new model will engage the community in a single competency-based process over the course of an entire academic year. This year, that competency will be in recognition of our expanding global presence as we engage in a year-long study and practice of intercultural competencies based on material provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
That brings us to a second initiative, which has to do with our faculty and student publications. In the fall of 2014, I founded
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which is available online at http://www.enroutebooksandmedia.com, for the purpose of publishing books written by our faculty and, in some cases, our student body. Since then, En Route Books and Media has published books by faculty members Dr. Donald Boland, Dr. Ronda Chervin, Dr. Donald DeMarco, Fr. Peter Kucer, MSA, Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP, Dr. Peter Redpath and students, Keith Berube, Kathleen Brouillette, TJ Burdick, Michael Frey, Shaun McAfee, and others. We have more books coming out this season by or edited by faculty like Dr. Dawn Eden, Fr. Peter Kucer, MSA, Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson and students like Matt Fradd. This summer, En Route published its 50th book in three years, and we’re just getting started.
What I’d like to do is make an open call for manuscript submissions from members of our community. I expect that En Route will be able to greatly advance the mission of Holy Apostles through its ongoing publication of community work. For that reason, En Route is also assisting Holy Apostles in the new general editorship of Seminary Journal, a professional, scholarly journal to which all 41 of the Catholic seminaries and theological schools in the country subscribe. With our new general editorship, we’ll develop an online journal in addition to the printed journal, and there will be a section within it for lay students and seminarians to make contributions. More on how to submit your articles as the journal kicks into gear this summer.
That brings us to the third initiative, which has to do with our community voice. In October, 2016, I founded
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which is available online at http://www.wcatradio.com, as a way to advance the mission of En Route Books and Media (and thereby the mission of Holy Apostles) and have developed, with the leadership of Bob Olson, a lay evangelist with over 40 years of experience in radio, almost two dozen weekly programs that engage members of our community in their writing and in their activities. We have ten months into the station’s existence produced over 500 archived shows for on-demand listening and are eager to engage the Holy Apostles community in creative ways to use this medium for evangelization. If you’re interested in engaging the station in some form, please let me know.
So, that’s it – all resources in support of the institution will advance each year a single good idea. This year, the good idea is intercultural competencies. I’m looking forward to working with everyone in our community to establish a model that all other seminaries and theological schools can adapt to their own purposes.
Many blessings!

Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP

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