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A Door Locked from the Inside

“I can’t believe that a loving God would send people to hell.” “Why did God create some people if He knew they would reject Him and go to hell?” “If God is all-powerful and all-good, then why doesn’t He just destroy Satan and hell?” “As long as you’re a decent person then there’s no way […] Read More

Is an Annulment a Catholic Divorce?

Many of us know of couples that have divorced. Some may be Catholic couples that divorced, remarried, and are able to receive the Sacraments with no problems because they received an annulment. Other Catholic couples we may know divorced but were told they could not remarry as they were not given an annulment. This may seem confusing […] Read More

Apologetics Toolkit: Explaining the Real Presence

I’m part of a informal faith group that meets on a semi-regular basis.  Very often our conversations turn towards issues of doctrine, most recently, the nature of the Eucharist.  My Protestant/Non-Denominational friends are the mindset that Jesus intended the receiving of bread and wine as a symbolic gesture, whereas I am obviously of the Catholic persuasion that […] Read More