Prof. Heather Voccola, who teaches Church history in our history department, has published a book entitled Contrition. Please visit for more information on her life and work and to purchase your own copy of Contrition.

Contrition is the story of college student, Kelsey Springer, and the start of her journey back to the Truth. As her life begins to fall apart around her, Kelsey begins to reconsider some of her choices and tries to find some reasonable solutions in the face of difficult circumstances. With a cast of supporting characters who introduce Kelsey to different aspects of her life and reconnect her to her Catholic faith, Contrition is not the usual pro-life story.

Contrition is the first in the three part, Kelsey’s Journey, series. All choices bring consequences, and Kelsey’s Journey tells the story of a young woman who explores the choices that remain open to her after some challenging circumstances shape a new trajectory for her life. Guided by the Catholic Church, Kelsey tries to find some solace in the good gifts that God still has in store for her – even if they are not the gifts that Kelsey was hoping for.

Confession, the second book of Kelsey’s story, is in process now.

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