I would like to share some news passed on by Richard Birdsall,  our HACS Bookstore Manager, Director of Career Services, and past President of the DPS that HACS has been recognized as “the Best Natural Law College dedicated to the transmission of the authentic tradition of Natural Law.”

From the Newsletter, “The Golden Standard” of the Center of Natural Law, it reads “With an understandable emphasis towards Thomistic philosophy and the selective inclusion of other prominent and distinguished scholastics, their philosophy department is faithfully committed to the honest pursuit of philosophical truth, goodness and genuine learning of metaphysics and Natural Law. The professors are properly credentialed, dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence, demonstrably care about the students and all with the school tuition being surprisingly reasonable. Holy Apostles College and Seminary is an accredited college offering graduate degree programs (other degree programs are also available). The Center for Natural Law enthusiastically and whole-heartedly recommends Holy Apostles College and Seminary for anyone who is seeking a Master’s degree in a distance learning format; those living outside Connecticut can still get a Masters degree from Holy Apostles. Contact www.holyapostles.edu.

The article is not available on the website, but please visit, join and support The Center for Natural Law.

God bless,

Stephen Bujno, DPS President

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