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The Ambiguous Identity of St. James

The New Testament authors mention atleast a couple men by the name of James, but keeping their identities straight can be a bit confusing. Here’s what you need to know. We now refer to these men as St. James the Lesser and St. James the Greater, but the Bible contains different monikers. Sometimes, the Scripture […] Read More

The Trouble with Low-Proof Faith

Most people don’t care what we believe or say but they pay attention when we bear the fruit the Church teaches we are to bear. Those are the words of Sherry Weddell, a woman I respect and admire, and who I do not intend to contradict with what I’m about to say. That’s only half […] Read More

Why Are the Catholics Not Leaving?

The Pew Research report on the state of Christianity in America is still making the rounds. Everyone and their mother is weighing in on how to interpret this new information. Is it ultimately good? Is it bleak? What can we learn? We do we go from here? One of my favorite Catholic bloggers, a priest […] Read More

Why They Leave, Why We Stay

Big news this week from Pew Research, huh? Seems everyone is talking about the decline of Christianity in America. But I wonder if this really is a decline. Raw Material There’s something curious about the reasons people give when asked why it is that they chose to leave the Catholic Church. The reasons that feature […] Read More

A Failure to Delineate

A little bit of anger wells up in me every time that I see the Human Right Campaign logo. You know the one; it’s the yellow equal sign on a blue background. If you’ve been on the road at all today, you probably saw it as a bumper sticker on more than one vehicle.  For […] Read More

Vaccines and Moral Evaluations Corrected

The morality of any act must be evaluated according to the moral determinants — the moral object, the purpose or end, and the circumstances. The history and origin of a physical thing used in an act can be relevant to the consideration of circumstances, but that a thing has an illicit origin does not mean […] Read More

When ‘Unbiblical’ Means ‘Unpalatable’

When I was a protestant, there were a number of passages of Scripture that nagged at me. They were the sort of passages that fuel countless little arguments in every protestant community. Some verses had to do with internal protestant debates, such as those surrounding free will, while others – the ones that I found […] Read More

Our Prayers Have Been Answered

Shortly after I moved to Cincinnati, the archdiocese received a new shepherd, Archbishop Schnurr. — Lest it seem that I am taking my bishop to task in the following remarks, I declare plainly that I am not. — Our new archbishop brought with him a vocations prayer that he had written some time before.  That […] Read More

The Damned Teen Birthrate

It might seem odd that I studied urban planning as an undergrad, only to follow that program with an MA in theology. In some ways, it certainly was odd. There is nothing typical about that path. However, I believe that my urban planning education was great preparation for the realm of theology and morality. Studying […] Read More