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Why the Hatred? Brief History of Jews and Muslims

I watched a video the other day where a Muslim student at a California college sneered at a Jewish speaker and stated that she was for Hezbollah’s declaration that ‘Jews must be exterminated,’ and I wondered, what is the cause of this hatred between Muslims and Jews? The answer I used to give people was […] Read More

Meriam Ibrahim – Revealing Extremism or True Islam?

Recently, the saga of Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who was imprisoned for “converting from Islam”, has come to a happy conclusion. Her story, however, brings up an obvious contradiction within Islam regarding forcing people to convert. Meriam’s father was Muslim and mother Orthodox Christian. Her father abandoned the family when Meriam was very young […] Read More

Just a War or Just War?

The President of the United States has reluctantly called for a handful of airstrikes to aid the Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq and defend the Iraqi civilians trapped by the Islamic State terrorists. With the nation tired of war in the Middle East and occupied with a bevy of domestic problems, the President must be […] Read More

Does Jesus Really Hate Religion?

Recently a friend of mine sent me an article published on Fox News by a Christian pastor who was the latest voice to echo the statement that “Jesus Hates Religion.” Those who take this view associate the word “religion” with hypocrisy, self-righteousness, judgment, merit-based salvation, ignoring the poor, pointless rules, bondage, and war. The spirit […] Read More

I Used to be Pro-Choice, Until I Heard This

I used to be pro-choice. That is, until a friend of mine had me really examine the logic behind the issue. I was swept up in the idea that a woman had the right to choose what to do with her body. I never asked the question, “Are there limits to what we should do […] Read More

XXX Church, Ron Jeremy, and the Destructive Nature of the Sex Industry When you first hear it you may think it’s a pornographic website. A provocative photo of Ron Jeremy, the elder statesman of the pornographic industry, doesn’t help that initial impression. However, what seems sinister on the surface is actually an outreach ministry to people who work in the sex industry as well as those […] Read More

The Creed – Necessary for Right Worship?

Many times I’ve heard people express the ideas “There won’t be a theology exam that I’ll need to pass to get into Heaven, “ or “Why do we need creeds? They are unnecessary.” It’s true enough that we won’t likely sit for an exam at the base of the Pearly Gates and recitation of a […] Read More

Understanding Modern Islamic Terrorism

What drives Muslims to blow themselves up in order to kill as many innocent people as possible? Desperation. Desperation channeled by ideology that convinces them that this action is a good and holy deed. Desperation Islam was the religion of the greatest world powers from the time of its inception in the 7th century until […] Read More