Sharing a sincere gratitude from Bosnia & Hercegovina with our community:


Dear Sir
In 2011, at HACS you mentored me with  my MA thesis “The Conception of the Church as expressed in the postconciliar journal Jukic.”
I pursued my doctoral studies at the Zagreb University (Croatia) in 2011/12  and  in 2012. began work on my doctoral thesis titled “Postconciliar Ecclesiology of the Franciscans in Bosnia” (in croatian: “Pokoncilska ekleziologija franjevaca Bosne Srebrene“)
After five years of study and research,  under the guidance of my thesis directors: Dr. Nikola Vukoja and Dr.  Ante Mateljan,  last month at the Theological Faculty in Zagreb, at The Department of Dogmatic Theology, I succesfully defended my doctoral thesis.
I wish to express a sincere gratitude to all those who helped me in this journey of faith and learning.
Among those a very particular place belongs to the members of  HACS family, it’s staff, lecturers, and particularly to  two of my MA thesis directors: Dr. Jeffrey Finch and yourself.
Due to the competences obtained at HACS, I got qualified to succesfully conduct my research and to complete my studies with a new degree in theology.
Grateful to God and to all of you, I remain.
Sincerely yours
Eduard V. Tomić, OFM

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