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Pope Francis

In Need of St. Joseph’s Intercession

Is there any doubt that we are living tumultuous times? I think that for most Catholics this has been a painful summer as we have watched our culture reap the fruits that it has sown. There have been Supreme Court rulings, adultery scandals, and a very graphic expose of what happens inside of Planned Parenthood […] Read More


Everyone’s a Bit Knotty

When glancing over the myriad of Marian devotions in the Catholic Church, it’s easy to find yourself pondering: “How do I pick one? Can I pick only one? In the end, aren’t they all just prayers to Mary?” Yes, our Marian prayers do all end up in the same place, in God’s hands through Mary. But, the long list […] Read More

What Serving for the Pope and Trees Have in Common

Who…Me? After nine prayerful, awe-inspiring, and frankly, exhausting days in the Holy Land with my twenty-six fellow pilgrims, I had expected that my six days in Rome would be fairly laid back and less overwhelming. Boy, was I was wrong! When it first became official that my brother seminarians and I were going to be […] Read More

Reflecting on the Words of Pope Francis: “Theology on One’s Knees”

On April 10, 2014, Pope Francis, in speaking to representatives from Roman Pontifical universities, said: “Philosophy and theology enable us to acquire the convictions that structure and strengthen intelligence and enlighten will…but all this is fruitful only if it is done with an open mind and on one’s knees… A good theologian and philosopher is open, […] Read More