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A Tribute to James Foley

For the same reason that we call the day Jesus was scourged and crucified “Good,” a terrible beauty has emerged following the brutal ISIS beheading of Global Post reporter, James Foley. As members of his parents’ parish of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Rochester, NH, we had united in prayer many times, first […] Read More

Grace and Suffering

There was a time when my wife and I and our six kids would show up at my parents’ house to the smell of home cooked meals and a refrigerator full of each of our favorite things. All in all it was a very typical time at Grandma’s house. My mom’s kitchen was her domain […] Read More

I Changed My Mind About My Conversion

This month marks the seventh anniversary of my decision to seek full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  That decision was both easy and very difficult.  On one hand it was a choice between admittance to the Blessed Sacrament or a life without the Eucharist.  An easy choice, to be sure.  However, on the other […] Read More

Let the Little Children Sit Far Away

I was received into full communion with the Catholic Church six years ago. In my arduous journey to Rome, on the final leg of that most intense trek, I was helped by a young priest in the Diocese of Allentown–one Fr. Butera. He had grown up in a nearby parish where the following story took […] Read More