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Refuting the Argument from Scale

Frequently, when I’m having a conversation with someone who is either an unbeliever or just having doubts, they will make an objection to religious belief that goes something like this: “Once you understand how unimaginably large the universe is, it makes you realize how insignificant we are. We humans think we’re so important, but really, […] Read More

School of Athens - Raphael

Evangelists Need Apologetics, and Apologists Need Philosophy

As Catholics, we have a necessary commitment to spread the Word of God and make disciples of all the nations, lest we forget the Great Commission. An evangelist, deriving from the Greek (transliterated) eu meaning good and angelia meaning message, is literally someone who spreads the good message of the Gospel. What makes a good […] Read More

Is the Big Bang Collapsing in on Itself?

Much speculation has been made about the origin of our cosmos. The prevailing view however, is that billions of years ago, there was a single point in existence, and this point, containing the sum of the universe,  was infinitely dense. This is called the singularity. The singularity eventually exploded, as the name Big Bang suggests, and all the universe […] Read More

Can We Know if There are Animals in Heaven?

I want you to meet Professor the Schnauzer. Emily and I have had Professor for almost four years and he has been such a joy in our life. We realize he is only an animal, but there is something about unconditional adoration from an animal that can make the worst of days turn into a […] Read More

More Thoughts on Doing Theology “on Your Knees”

Meeting with representatives from the Gregorian University recently, Pope Francis spoke on the work of theology and the importance of doing theology “on your knees”.  What does it mean to “do theology on your knees”?  Fellow DPS blogger Rebecca Royse wrote beautifully on this last week.  As students of philosophy and theology, we would do well to reflect […] Read More

School of Athens - Raphael

In Defense of Children as Natural Philosophers

A few weeks ago I wrote an article titled, “Children as Natural Philosophers”. Shortly after it was posted to on the subreddit r/philosophy to which there were a few responses. While I did address a couple of the comments directly on Reddit, I feel it is only appropriate to make a longer response to […] Read More

A Self-inflicted Wound at the Department of Defense

Recently, all the highest-ranking leadership in the Department of Defense (DoD) signed and promulgated a document that establishes the “human goals” of the U.S. military. The document delineates a series of principles and objectives that describe the DoD’s approach to dealing with its human resources. The majority of the document in nothing new; it states […] Read More

Children as Natural Philosophers

Have you ever noticed the tendency for adults to send children away from the ‘adult table’ at Holiday dinners? Or maybe you have seen the frustration in an adults eyes when a child will not cease asking “why”. The persistence of children in what seems mundane to adults may be annoying to some, but for […] Read More

Origin of the Universe

Q.        In the movie “God is Not Dead,” the professor states that physicist Stephen Hawking proved that the universe just created itself, by the law of gravity. Is that depiction accurate? In one sense I can answer “yes” to your question about accurate depiction: Hawking really did write in his 2010 book “The Grand Design” […] Read More