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Angelicum Acedemy – The Great Books Program

The Angelicum Academy, which is currently celebrating its fifteenth year, in partnership with the Adler-Aquinas Institute, has enabled students from the age of 14 and up to earn college credit through its Great Books program. Advanced students can complete up to 60 credit hours in Great Books and in Theology by the time they complete […] Read More

Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Hello All, For those in the DPS who share the philosophical bent, I want to remind some and introduce others to a great podcast series from Kings College London, entitled History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps.  In roughly 25 minutes of a recorded conversation, you are exposed to some of the best scholarship of philosophical […] Read More

Children Migrants and Pastoral Logic

The issue of unaccompanied migrant children flooding the U.S. is a complex issue. We struggle finding the balance between a sovereign border which Catholic social justice principles recognize as necessary and compassion for those fleeing hardships, violence and a culture of death. Here’s a CNA article you may find of interest. Archbishop: government frustrates pastoral […] Read More

Religous Freedom and Catholic Service to the Poor

What motivates us to do good for the ‘least among us?’ What separates Catholic charitable efforts from secular humanitarianism? Here’s an article reflecting on those questions as we end the Fortnight for Freedom. Why We Serve: Religious Freedom and Catholic Service for the Poor

The Court and Contraceptives

In a narrowly tailored 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court June 30 said closely held companies may be exempted from a government requirement to include contraceptives in employee health insurance coverage under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Check out the article from CNS.

The Porn Effect

Matt Fradd has just launched a website called The Porn Effect, which contains an interview with Fr. Sean Kilcawley on how he addresses porn in the confessional. It’s available at A story about the site itself – – might be an interesting one, in any case.

Vatican Releases Instrumentum Laboris on the Family

Hey DPSer, I had a chance to participate in the survey the Vatican sent out to all the dioceses; I’m sure many of you have also. With the data collected, and in preparation for the upcoming synod, the Vatican has released a working outline “Instrumentum Laboris.” There’s much to consider and assimilate, particularly at a […] Read More

HACS Becomes Associate Member of Association of Theological Schools

On Wednesday, June 25, 2014, during the biennial meeting of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), Holy Apostles College and Seminary was unanimously voted in as an associate member. This does not mean that Holy Apostles has ATS accreditation but that as associate members with special status, the college and seminary is on the short track to accreditation, which […] Read More

Beautiful Model Gives Up Flourishing Career To Become Nun

At the top of her flourishing career, a beautiful Spanish model has given it all up to become a nun. Olalla Oliveros, a beautiful and well known Spanish model who did advertisements, television commercials, and worked as an actress has given up her career and decided to become a nun. Last month, Oliveros entered the […] Read More