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Pope Pius XII and World War II: The Documented Truth

I would like to pass some information along on an event at Holy Apostles sponsored by the Pave the Way Foundation. The lecture will be by Gary Krupp, president and founder of Pave the Way Foundation. The title of the lecture is “Pope Pius XII and World War II: The Documented Truth”.  The title pretty […] Read More

Court cites ‘Laws of Nature’ in Upholding Union of Man & Woman

The state of marriage in the Western World is in shambles; we all agree. But widening the definition (can that honestly be done anyway?) is not the solution. The way back is to hold those who do marry closer to the actual definition that is not the product of religion or the state, but of […] Read More

Courage – Evangelization in Truth

Fr. Mitch welcomes Fr. Paul Check, Director of Courage, a ministry to people with same-sex attractions and how to move past it to a more complete identity in Christ. The approach is a model of evangelization that seeks truth in love. It’s an hour long conversation between the two. Please check it out today…it aired […] Read More

Spring Semester MOOC Registration is Open

Here’s some news from our Dr. Sebastain Mahfood, Vice-President of Administration, enjoy! Good evening, friends, Please see to register for our spring 2015 Massive Open Online Course series. At present, we will have available the following mini-courses available at no cost: Addiction and the Family: A Seminary Curriculum (December 8, 2014 – January 2, […] Read More

Faith and Technology

Is there a real relationship between faith and technology, or is it just a matter of one using the other? Is the Church’s task with respect to the internet just to learn how to get its message out, or do we actually have something to learn from it? And do we have anything to offer […] Read More

HACS Alumni Fill Career Center and Student Services Positions

Richard Birdsall, Director of the Career Center Richard Birdsall, a fellow Holy Apostles alumnus and Dead Philosophers Society past President, has accepted the position of Director of the Career Center in which he will serve as a Board Member of the Alumni Association. His goals are to: Maintain a populated list of potential employers. Query […] Read More

On the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Greetings on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, In my own prayers today is the role Mary plays in ecumenical relations…within the Body of Christ. I have regular meetings with Protestant ministers and priests concerning various topics pertaining to ecumenism, but one of the topics for tomorrow’s gettogether will be the […] Read More

Robin Williams and Dante – Comic Relief

It is true that Robin Williams, a sad clown died yesterday. It would be apropos for the Dead Philosophers Society, whose moniker mimics the Dead Poet’s Society, a movie made popular by Williams’ starring role, to mention something in regard to the event. When one thinks of a journey, involving both psyche and sin, lows […] Read More

Archbishop Chaput on Law and Morality in Public Discourse

Here is a link to the text from a recent speech given by Archbishop Chaput on Law and Morality in Public Discourse. It is very interesting to distinguish between legal and moral, between imposition and foundational, and between perfect and essentially good. It’s worth our time as citizens of the world to read through his […] Read More