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Announcement of Two New Chairs

Fr. Brian Mullady, OP, has been named Chair of Thomistic Theology. Father Brian Thomas Becket Mullady O.P. is the son of an Air Force officer and was raised through out the United States. He entered the Dominican Order in 1966 and was Ordained in Oakland, California in 1972.  He has been a parish priest, high school teacher, retreat master, mission preacher and university professor. He received his Doctorate in Sacred Theology (STD) from the Angelicum University in Rome, Italy and was professor there for six years. He has taught at several colleges,universities  and seminaries in the United States.  He is an academican of the Catholic Academy of Science. He is adjunct professor at Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell CT and preaches parish missions and retreats. He has several series on Mother Angelica’s EWTN television network.  He is the author of several books and numerous articles.  He is the author of the Question and Answer column in Homiletic and Pastoral Review. He is the Theological Consultant to the Institute on Religious Life.

Dr. John Hittinger has been named Chair of Thomistic Philosophy. Dr. John Hittinger is a professor of philosophy and has published four books. Hittinger founded the Pope John Paul II Forum for the Church in the Modern World in 2009. He has published articles and presented papers on a variety of topics including John Locke, Jacques Maritain, military ethics, liberal education, political philosophy and the thought of John Paul II. He can speak on John Paul II, philosophy of war and peace, and issues in political philosophy. 


Fr. Joseph Henchey’s Duc in Altum program


For those of you interested in tuning in to Fr. Joseph Henchey’s Duc in Altum program, you may find it about to start on WCAT Radio at
You can listen to it on demand, too, by going directly to Fr. Henchey’s page at where all of his shows will be archived from the moment they begin to air.
Fr. Henchey is providing a year’s worth of shows for WCAT Radio.
In today’s show, Fr. Henchey will tell us about four Old Testament heroes: Abraham, Moses, David and Jeremiah, all of whom God called “out into the deep” from their so-called comfort zones to great heights of spiritual growth. In that sense, they all prefigure the great St. Peter himself and their stories enhance our own understanding of how we, too, might travel further “out into the deep,” in our own spiritual journeys. June 14, 2017.


Many blessings!


Many blessings, Dr. Hittinger, and welcome!

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Dr. Hittinger will assume part-time teaching duties at Holy Apostles this coming academic year, teaching two online courses for us in the Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) in Philosophy program – a course in political philosophy this fall and another course in metaphysics this spring. He will also give one public lecture per academic year on our campus here in Cromwell, a lecture that will be broadcast live to our online community and saved for on-demand viewing on our YouTube channel.
Dr. Hittinger’s hire will establish for us at Holy Apostles a Chair in Thomistic Studies that will eventually be responsible for the direction of the AGC in Philosophy and any future degrees that may develop out of that.
Many blessings, Dr. Hittinger, and welcome!


“Ageless Wisdom: Lifetime Lessons from the Bible”
by Dr. Christopher M. Bellitto 

Holy Apostles College & Seminary is excited to announce the new book “Ageless Wisdom: Lifetime Lessons from the Bible” by Holy Apostles Online Adjunct Professor, Dr. Christopher M. Bellitto. Dr. Bellitto was recently invited to speak about his new book on Domestic Church Media Radio. You may listen to the interview HERE.

Amazon book description: 
The wise elders of the Bible impart great wisdom for those on the spiritual journey. As Pope Francis said recently, It s good for the elderly to communicate their wisdom to the young; and it is good for young people to gather this wealth of experience and wisdom, and to carry it forward.

Using insights from some famous and some unknown tales, myths, legends, allegories, chronicles, and proverbs, the author places them in the context of the ancient biblical world in which they were written.

The Bible is a living text offering all of us Jews, Christians, and Muslims (as well as the occasional nonbeliever) a roadmap to gain wisdom. Drawing not only on the Bible itself, but on medieval and modern Jewish commentaries (midrashim), Christian sermons, and Muslim explanations (such as Tales of the Prophets), Ageless Wisdom offers examples of how past generations of men and women have made the Bible s lessons about wisdom their own.

The Holy Apostles College & Seminary community congratulates Dr. Bellitto on his new publication! To order the book you may purchase through



Extended New England Didache Submission Deadline

Holy Apostles Students, Faculty, and Alumni,

We have been receiving submissions for the New England Didache but we are going to offer a deadline extension for everyone who is still waiting for their term papers to be returned with professor feedback or are still working on their own projects.

Here is the new deadline and publication process:

1.  Deadline for submissions is Friday, June 4 by 11:59 P.M. CTS

2.  Papers which are taken into consideration will be returned with grammatical and content suggestions by Saturday, July 2 by 11:59 CST.

3.  Authors are to incorporate suggestions from professors and reviewers by July 21, by 11:59 CST

4,  Reviewers will choose one from each contribution for publication in Fall of 2017 and review for further refinements, if needed.

For further details please visit The New England Didache Submission Guidelines
Please send all submissions to NED@HolyApostles.Edu


Advanced Graduate Certificate in Philosophy Program – APPROVED

The Faculty Senate has approved an Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) in Philosophy Program, which is a 30–credit program designed to prepare a student to write a dissertation within his or her area of emphasis.
While Holy Apostles does not yet have a Ph.D. in Philosophy program, it does have an interest in preparing students to be successful in one should a student decide to pursue a European research doctorate or advance into a program offered by Holy Apostles should the day come that we receive approval for one.
The program is open to students who do not have an MA in Philosophy. Students wishing to pursue this certificate who fall into that category will need to take two graduate courses to prepare them for entry into the AGC in Philosophy. These are propaeduetic courses and do not count toward the completion of the certificate. They are PHH 605 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and PHH 620 Modern and Contemporary Philosophy. – 6 credits

Those who enter with an MA in Philosophy already in hand will begin their coursework with the program core courses. These are heavy research courses with a great deal of 1 to 1 engagement with your faculty member and with the other members of your group over the course of the development of a 25-page research paper for each course.

Program Core – 12 credits

  • PHE 940 Selected Readings in Political Philosophy
    This course engages the historical dimension of political philosophy as it has developed over time beginning with the confusion of Al-Farabi over the relationship between Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, and the impact of Aristotle’s Politics during the Scholastic and Enlightenment eras.
  • PHH 940 Skeptical Skepticism
    This course engages the historical development of our philosophical anthropology from Descartes’ Meditations through the present day in modernity’s movement away from the Thomistic synthesis.
  • PHH 950 Radical Autonomy vs. Participated Theonomy
    This course engages the moral dimension of the relationship between radical autonomy and participated theonomy as a crucial distinction between the Enlightenment and Scholastic periods.
  • PHS 940 Being in Nature
    This course engages in a structural manner the relationship between Platonic idealism and Aristotelian realism in light of the Thomistic synthesis.

Emphasis Areas – 12 credits

  • Four directed studies set up on the tutorial system.

These are also heavy research courses with a great deal of 1 to 1 engagement with your tutor over the course of the development of a 25-page research paper for each course. The focus of this four-course sequence is worked out in advanced between the student and the tutor.

Electives – 6 credits

  • Any in cognate relation to one’s emphasis area. These can be courses from within the MA program that are of particular interest to the emphasis area. In addition to the MA level coursework within them, students will engage in a short research project depending upon the interests of the instructor.

Capstone paper

This is a 30-page paper designed in the form of a dissertation scrutiny, and will include an exhaustive literature review of a topic within the student’s emphasis area.

To apply for this certificate program, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Rex, Director of Graduate Admissions.


 New England Didache– A Call for Papers

Students, faculty, and alumni at Holy Apostles College and Seminary,

It is my pleasure to announce the first call for papers for The New England Didache.  This new journal is a work of Holy Apostles College and Seminary students, professors, and staff which is in alignment with Holy Apostle’s mission statement of “to cultivate lay, consecrated and ordained Catholic leaders for the purpose of evangelization.”  By training students  to be effective writers, review members, and to see the paraenesis of classical thinking we will be preparing successful ambassadors for Christ as well as successful academics.

The mission statement of this journal is “The ressourcement of classical philosophy and theology will be the foundation for an aggiornamento of the expression of truth in a post-modern world.” Our hope is to not only engage the contemporary world with classical theology and philosophy at the academic level but also to offer practical insight into why the truth matters to our daily life.

Please see the attached file for more information about how to become involved with the New England Didache.

God bless,

John Stute, M.A.

Founder and President of the New England Didache Journal


Philosophy Conference of Interest
The Long Island Philosophical Society conference is HAC friendly!
 Glenn Statile (of St. John’s University), the organizer, does a great job putting it together.

I would recommend the conference to any HACS faculty and students in the NY metro area (and beyond) who might have something to present in the future. The conferences are usually in April. It is a nice conference that is usually well-attended, and it could be good for promoting the school as well.

Check it out here:


Good morning, friends,

Please join me in welcoming to our faculty, Dr. Gregory Popcak, who will serve as the Director of the Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies program starting on Monday, April 3.
Dr. Popcak is the kind of person who may not need an introduction, but for those of you unfamiliar with his work, you may learn more about him on a few representative sites:
Aside from his publications and his radio program, Dr. Popcak is the executive director of the Pastoral Solutions Institute.
Dr. Popcak’s letter of introduction to the community may be found at

Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP
Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Vice-President of External Affairs and Governmental Compliance
Director of Assessment
Holy Apostles College & Seminary
33 Prospect Hill Road
Cromwell, CT 06416-2027
860-632-3085 (office)
“Without knowledge, even zeal is not good” (Proverbs 19: 2).
Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” (Matt. 6:27)



Introducing Holy Apostles’ first MOOC of 2017.

Unbroken: Physical Limits/Limitless Love, Part 1 of 3
This course is a pastoral & ecclesial examination of our Christian faith, vocation, catechesis, ministry & ecclesiology in light of the presence and reality of physical & intellectual impairment among disciples.

Envisioned Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of persons with impairments in light of the Gospel, rooted in the vision of the single flock following the Good Shepherd
  • Students will demonstrate an appreciation of what it takes to craft a long-term, sustainable, shared parish practice of ministry with, to and by persons with impairment(s)
  • Students will demonstrate a vision of the deep unity of the People of God as a witness and a service to the world

Those of you on Facebook may access the course via this link:

Those of you not on Facebook may access the syllabus that contains all the links to the course content at Unbroken:Physical Limits/Limitless Love Syllabus (Click Here)

Please feel free to check out our other Massive Open Online Courses at


Alumni Spotlight

Holy Apostles College & Seminary wishes to regularly celebrate and commend our alumni who have taken up the call of evangelization. Today the Holy Apostles community celebrates Mr. Michael Brinda.

Holy Apostles College & Seminary alumnus and recipient of Doctor of Humane Letters, Michael Brinda ‘16, is actively applying the skills he learned at Holy Apostles as a graduate from the Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies to further the mission of the Church. His current calling has led him to Mundelein Seminary in Chicago, IL. At Mundelein, Mr. Brinda is busy forming seminarians from Dioceses throughout the United States through his course on Parish Management & Operations. Seminarians and attendees of this course are being formed and provided with the necessary tools to more fully live out the mission of the Church

Through his years of business experience and work within various ministries of the Catholic Church, Mr. Brinda saw a great need among those working in the daily management and operations of Church ministry. According to Mr. Brinda, “Parish management and operations (PMO) is perceived to be the place in the parish that is responsible for fixing the potholes in the parking lot, or the leak in the roof. While this is true, this is not all there is to PMO. For example, it is within the agency of PMO to ensure there are as many community outreach ministries as should reasonably exist in a parish, adjusted for parish size and various other demographic factors. If you want to know who is responsible for bringing Christ into the community in every way possible, those efforts should be coordinated and organized through high-energy, trained PMO-based personnel.” His course teaches the critical skills and best practices to create a work environment that is calmer and more efficient. These practices not only benefit those in administrative positions but the employees who work with them and the parishioners whom they serve.

Michael Brinda is the Founder of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers ( and is based in Irvine, California. Mr. Brinda founded New Horizons in 1982, started franchising around the world in 1992, and sold New Horizons to a public company in 1994. Prior to founding New Horizons, he taught mainframe and mini-computer technology worldwide for Sperry Univac. He has expertise in technology training and education for corporations, government, and individuals, and is also experienced in franchising. Mr. Brinda was Ernst & Young 1994 Entrepreneur of the Year award winner. He is currently active in Kairos Prison Ministry, taught RCIA, and conducted Communion Services in prison, and previously worked full-time as a parish business manager in a large, multi-cultural parish. He is a speaker at Cursillo, Kairos, Legatus, and other organizations. Specialties: Building worldwide enterprise, entrepreneurship, leadership, management, franchising, sales systems, marketing, technology, and strategy. Married 41 years to his wife, Kathy, has three children and three grandchildren.





Pictured are the graduates of the first Eritrean cohort to receive their degrees from Holy Apostles College & Seminary. The Archbishop Menghesteab Tesfamariam began search for a distance learning program for his people in 2014 and was placed in contact with Dr. Mahfood. In 2015, the Archbishop visited the Holy Apostles campus in Cromwell. In 2015, 21 priests and nuns, who were unable to leave their country, began their studies via the HACS online campus. Catholic Transcript wrote a nice article on the Archbishop’s visit and background into the Eritrean Church which Pope Francis declared a metropolitan church in January 2015.(

Below is the recent announcement among the HACS community and via our Social Media regarding the first round of graduates from Eritrea. 

Congratulations to Archbishop Menghesteab Tesfamariam, MCCJ, and the graduates of the first Eritrean cohort who received their degrees from Holy Apostles in a special graduation ceremony held in their nation’s capital of Asmara on January 30, 2017.

The graduates are priests and religious sisters in the country of Eritrea, East Africa, who were able to remain in their ministries as pastors and teachers while completing their coursework 100% online.

Also to be congratulated are the faculty and staff at Holy Apostles who worked with this group in spite of many difficulties with book delivery and Internet connectivity. Where there is great adversity, of course, there is also greater grace at work in those who open themselves to it.




Here are some photos of HACS that were emailed. Displaying the seminary in various seasons.


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