Is there any doubt that we are living tumultuous times? I think that for most Catholics this has been a painful summer as we have watched our culture reap the fruits that it has sown. There have been Supreme Court rulings, adultery scandals, and a very graphic expose of what happens inside of Planned Parenthood clinics. All of these have come on the Eve of the controversial Synod on the Family and before the Pope’s visit for the World Meeting of Families. Interesting, is it not? Most of us have known that the family is under attack but these past three months have reminded us just how vigorous this attack is.

And while the attack rages on,  numerous Catholic families in our community recently welcomed a new baby into their home. I noticed that many of these babies were named after a champion of the family, St. Joseph. It is true that this name has always been popular; nevertheless, when the fifth baby I know was named after this great saint, I could not help but reflect upon the fact that our society desperately needs his intercession. St. Joseph is the foster father of Jesus, the virginal husband of Mary, and the faithful servant chosen by the blessed Trinity to be the patron of the Church and the patron of the family.

St. Joseph lived the most exemplary life imaginable. He lived and died accompanied by Jesus and Mary. In the context of their daily life in Nazareth, he sanctified himself in the service of the Incarnate God and His Mother. Because by his beautiful example he “sanctified family life,” God has made him its heavenly patron. We cannot forget how “peacefully and happily the Holy Family rested under the care of [his] fatherly rule, even in the midst of trials.” Just as he was the protector, counselor, and consolation of the Holy Family during their times of trial, he is is also the protector, counselor, and consolation of all families during these sad times.

Perhaps it is not coincidence that so many babies within the Catholic circle have been entrusted to his care this summer. Now more than ever, we must turn to his intercession. It is easy to feel discouraged when we read the news. Many of us may feel like there is little that we can do in the face of such widespread evil. We must remember, however, that we can fight with our prayers. Let us now implore the intercession of St. Joseph and remember that our Lord has already won.


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