Attention DPSers!!!

In the past few weeks, HACS own Dr. Donald DeMarco has been recognized for some of his fine contributions. On June 18th he was awarded the prestigious Exner Award by the Catholic Civil Rights League for “Catholic Excellence in Public Life”  The previous day he received an award certificate for a First Place article (“How Many Eyes Does it Take to See?”) from the Connecticut Professional Journalists Association.  Then in June 30th, he received word that his article, “My Family and My Philosophy,” received a First Place award from the Catholic Press Association for the Best Feature Article category.

Also, Dr. DeMarco’s newest book entitled How to Flourish in a Fallen World is now available at Amazon. Here’s a brief description from Amazon:

How to Flourish in a Fallen World, by Donald DeMarco, engages the reader in an understanding of our common human nature and the problems it faces in a culture that actively pursues, to put it in Saint John Paul II’s terms, a freedom of indifference over a freedom for excellence. Dr. DeMarco’s conclusion is a simple one: “We can flourish in a fallen world by taking advantage of the many gifts that are available to us while living within the truth of our being.” In a world of complex problems, it is refreshing to know that such a simple solution is available to us – we merely have to live the truth in love, and we’ll find that we restore by so doing mankind to his proper state.

On behalf of the Dead Philosophers Society, a hearty congratulations to Dr. DeMarco for a well earned and properly deserved recognition.

Stephen Bujno

DPS President

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