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HACS Best College for Transmission of Natural Law

I would like to share some news passed on by Richard Birdsall,  our HACS Bookstore Manager, Director of Career Services, and past President of the DPS that HACS has been recognized as “the Best Natural Law College dedicated to the transmission of the authentic tradition of Natural Law.” From the Newsletter, “The Golden Standard” of […] Read More

Course Offering Entitled: Evangelii Gaudium

From Dr. Sebastian Mahfood…. Good morning, friends, and most blessed Christmas Eve, I’d like to share with you an online course offering entitled Evangelii Gaudium: The Joy of the Gospel taught by Msgr. James McNamara of the Diocese of Rockville Center.  Here is the flier; and here is the syllabus. The course is open only to […] Read More

Toward a 21st Century Catholic World-View – Dr. Ronda Chevin

In the past month, Dr. Ronda Chervin’s Toward a 21st Century Catholic World-View has come to print. Dr. Ronda, the beloved professor of philosophy at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, has edited and contributed essays towards a book which consists of a collaboration of both faculty and students of HACS.  Toward a 21st Century Catholic […] Read More

Our Prayers Have Been Answered

Shortly after I moved to Cincinnati, the archdiocese received a new shepherd, Archbishop Schnurr. — Lest it seem that I am taking my bishop to task in the following remarks, I declare plainly that I am not. — Our new archbishop brought with him a vocations prayer that he had written some time before.  That […] Read More

99 Ways to Teach Like the Master

I would like to announce that the eBook, 99 Ways to Teach Like the Master from Mr. TJ Burdick, OP is available in a pre-release sale of $3.99. Education is the foundational to the development of souls. We are all educators because we all share in the mission of love and conversion. By examining the […] Read More

Divine Revelation for a Pagan Culture

I recently heard a Christian radio host declare that we are experiencing a resurgence of pagan culture. Why would we see such a resurgence? He assured his listeners: “When you kick the Christian God out of culture, you succumb to the errors of human reason!” Man’s reason can lead him to truth, and the Catholic […] Read More