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Annulment Merry-Go-Round

An annulment does not invalidate a marriage, but merely recognizes the reality that binding marriage vows were absent during the entire span the “spouses” were together. Toward the end of my marriage, I would recall the circumstances surrounding our vows, and I would think, “Wow, I am not actually married because I could get an […] Read More

Witches and Devils and Spells – Oh My!

I don’t mean to spook anyone with this story, especially at this time of year, but it’s something I need to write about. I also don’t want to enter into the ad nauseam discussion about Halloween. You know, whether it’s okay for Christians to celebrate such a pagan holiday, or if it’s not because of […] Read More

School of Athens - Raphael

Evangelists Need Apologetics, and Apologists Need Philosophy

As Catholics, we have a necessary commitment to spread the Word of God and make disciples of all the nations, lest we forget the Great Commission. An evangelist, deriving from the Greek (transliterated) eu meaning good and angelia meaning message, is literally someone who spreads the good message of the Gospel. What makes a good […] Read More

Subsidiarity and the Transformation of Our Culture

As a high school student, I wanted to engage the culture. I could see our world inching farther and farther away from the One who is True, Good, and Beautiful. I imagined that the Church needed voices crying in the wasteland of modern society and dreamed of working in the public sector defending truth. While […] Read More

Synod on Marriage and Family, Gays and God’s Word

“I see you love gays more than God’s word!” That was the FB private message I received from “Facebook User” last Monday night. Hmmm … I didn’t need to ponder too long before I realized who it was. Looking back in the string of comments, I noted that I had had previous conversation with this […] Read More

Spring Semester MOOC Registration is Open

Here’s some news from our Dr. Sebastain Mahfood, Vice-President of Administration, enjoy! Good evening, friends, Please see to register for our spring 2015 Massive Open Online Course series. At present, we will have available the following mini-courses available at no cost: Addiction and the Family: A Seminary Curriculum (December 8, 2014 – January 2, […] Read More

Why the Hatred? Brief History of Jews and Muslims

I watched a video the other day where a Muslim student at a California college sneered at a Jewish speaker and stated that she was for Hezbollah’s declaration that ‘Jews must be exterminated,’ and I wondered, what is the cause of this hatred between Muslims and Jews? The answer I used to give people was […] Read More

Things That Turned Me Catholic: Sin & Ignorance

I had the good fortune of attending a private Christian university on the West Coast for two years.  It’s a fairly well-known school that goes by the name Biola — an acronym turned name that once stood for the Bible Institute Of Los Angeles.  As the name suggests it is an evangelical Christian college with […] Read More

A Tribute to James Foley

For the same reason that we call the day Jesus was scourged and crucified “Good,” a terrible beauty has emerged following the brutal ISIS beheading of Global Post reporter, James Foley. As members of his parents’ parish of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Rochester, NH, we had united in prayer many times, first […] Read More