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Archbishop Chaput on Law and Morality in Public Discourse

Here is a link to the text from a recent speech given by Archbishop Chaput on Law and Morality in Public Discourse. It is very interesting to distinguish between legal and moral, between imposition and foundational, and between perfect and essentially good. It’s worth our time as citizens of the world to read through his […] Read More

Can Catholics Favor Marijuana Legalization?

#460763757 / Last week, I wrote an article about the Church’s silence in regard to the morality of marijuana use.  I encourage you to read it in full, but it boiled down to: The Church has been silent because she is as ignorant as the rest of us, and it might be that marijuana […] Read More

The Catholic Educator for Young Men

  “You are known and loved.” Just outside the City of Boston, at a small private Catholic boys’ school, the headmaster addresses a crowd of prospective students and parents at its annual open house. The message by this man is similar each year yet captivating. People listen to him. Some, hearing him for the first […] Read More

On Catholic Culture and Community

As a convert from the protestant faith, I’ve found it remarkable how much culture there is in being a Catholic. Growing up in a Baptist church, we had a great sense of community, but it was only amongst ourselves, confined to the walls of our own church. We had potlucks, camps, vacation bible school, and […] Read More

Hobby Lobby: A Laymen’s Perspective

Hobby Lobby is significant for taking their case to the Supreme Court to protect religious rights of employers against government mandates which effectively would force them to violate religious conscience by mandating coverage of abortifacient drugs. As part of the Affordable Care Act, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) stipulated that nearly all […] Read More

Angelicum Acedemy – The Great Books Program

The Angelicum Academy, which is currently celebrating its fifteenth year, in partnership with the Adler-Aquinas Institute, has enabled students from the age of 14 and up to earn college credit through its Great Books program. Advanced students can complete up to 60 credit hours in Great Books and in Theology by the time they complete […] Read More

Marijuana: Why the Church is Silent

Marijuana.  Cannabis.  Weed.  Pot.  This plant of infamy is now permitted for recreational use in two states, and either approved for medicinal uses and/or decriminalized in 24 others.  Two states will decide this Fall whether they too will legalize marijuana.  What is a Catholic to do? It Used to be so Simple Back when marijuana’s […] Read More