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Does Jesus Really Hate Religion?

Recently a friend of mine sent me an article published on Fox News by a Christian pastor who was the latest voice to echo the statement that “Jesus Hates Religion.” Those who take this view associate the word “religion” with hypocrisy, self-righteousness, judgment, merit-based salvation, ignoring the poor, pointless rules, bondage, and war. The spirit […] Read More

Is an Annulment a Catholic Divorce?

Many of us know of couples that have divorced. Some may be Catholic couples that divorced, remarried, and are able to receive the Sacraments with no problems because they received an annulment. Other Catholic couples we may know divorced but were told they could not remarry as they were not given an annulment. This may seem confusing […] Read More

Surrogacy Is Big Business … But Is It Moral?

Surrogacy is big business! A simple Google search on the term “surrogacy” returned 1,150,000 results in slightly over a quarter of a second. Several targeted advertisements promised payments to egg donors and surrogates up to $36,000. Another ad targeted homosexual couples seeking a child, touting their clinic’s success with dual embryo transfer where each embryo […] Read More

Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Hello All, For those in the DPS who share the philosophical bent, I want to remind some and introduce others to a great podcast series from Kings College London, entitled History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps.  In roughly 25 minutes of a recorded conversation, you are exposed to some of the best scholarship of philosophical […] Read More

A New Catholic Offensive on Abortion

By now, most people frequenting Catholic websites will have heard of Fr. Robert Barron, the evangelist and current rector of Mundelein Seminary. His Catholicism DVD series has turned him into a household name. Personally, I was anticipating that series years in advance. A friend, my sponsor when I entered the Church in 2008, introduced me […] Read More

Children Migrants and Pastoral Logic

The issue of unaccompanied migrant children flooding the U.S. is a complex issue. We struggle finding the balance between a sovereign border which Catholic social justice principles recognize as necessary and compassion for those fleeing hardships, violence and a culture of death. Here’s a CNA article you may find of interest. Archbishop: government frustrates pastoral […] Read More

I’m a Bad Apologist, and So Can You

In my younger days, I loved to argue.  Skill in argumentation was a point of pride for me.  When I read, “Always be ready to give a defense for [your faith],” I took it seriously.  This, combined with a keen sense of pragmatism, led me to argue in a unconventional manner, and it is what […] Read More

Religous Freedom and Catholic Service to the Poor

What motivates us to do good for the ‘least among us?’ What separates Catholic charitable efforts from secular humanitarianism? Here’s an article reflecting on those questions as we end the Fortnight for Freedom. Why We Serve: Religious Freedom and Catholic Service for the Poor

Hobby Lobby and Principles of Cooperation

Human persons almost never act alone.  We are the result of community (the union of our parents, the first community), we live and act together with others in community, and we are made for Blessed community, sharing the inner life of the Triune God.  What we do matters and what we do with others matters. […] Read More