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Reflecting on the Words of Pope Francis: “Theology on One’s Knees”

On April 10, 2014, Pope Francis, in speaking to representatives from Roman Pontifical universities, said: “Philosophy and theology enable us to acquire the convictions that structure and strengthen intelligence and enlighten will…but all this is fruitful only if it is done with an open mind and on one’s knees… A good theologian and philosopher is open, […] Read More

A Self-inflicted Wound at the Department of Defense

Recently, all the highest-ranking leadership in the Department of Defense (DoD) signed and promulgated a document that establishes the “human goals” of the U.S. military. The document delineates a series of principles and objectives that describe the DoD’s approach to dealing with its human resources. The majority of the document in nothing new; it states […] Read More

Are You Called To Be A Lay Dominican?

Are you looking for a way to deepen your faith? Do you feel called to promote the mission of the Church? Do you have a desire to conform your life to Christ through a formal commitment to prayer, study, meeting and sharing in community and ministry? One way to do this is through a lay […] Read More

Voluntary Suffering

Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse, an online publisher of essays on public issues,  ran a piece by Robert Oscar Lopez, a CSU Northridge professor and social activist recently, describing growing campus censorship around the country. He compares his experience as an invited, and then uninvited, speaker at a Stanford Anscombe Society (SAS) event to the legion of invitation […] Read More

Dialogue in the Virtual Classroom

This past semester marked the end of my coursework for the MA in Theology program at Holy Apostles. It was, quite naturally, bittersweet. There is great joy in completing an endeavor, but I will also miss the experience and the online dialogues with professors and classmates. As much as the virtual classroom cannot be a […] Read More

Healthy Habits of a Good Student

Being a student can be difficult at times. Through no fault of our own we stumble. Many times though, our shortcomings are our fault or we perceive things in ways that aren’t really so. Not knowing what to expect from a test, feeling misled by a professor occasionally, misreading instructions, having to work in a […] Read More

Apologetics Toolkit: Existence of God (Part 1)

Many proofs for the existence of God have been formulated, and it can be difficult for the amateur apologist to understand and commit each to memory.  Dr. Kreeft, in his Summa of the Summa, lays out 24 arguments, and admits that there are many more!  Beyond this, the differences between each argument can be subtle […] Read More

Seven Acts of Friendship

For St. Thomas Aquinas, friendship with God is at the heart of the Gospel and of a human life lived to its fullest. It’s no wonder, then, that he reflects on friendship in many contexts. His treatments of the topic in his commentary on Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics or in the discussion of charity in the […] Read More

Children as Natural Philosophers

Have you ever noticed the tendency for adults to send children away from the ‘adult table’ at Holiday dinners? Or maybe you have seen the frustration in an adults eyes when a child will not cease asking “why”. The persistence of children in what seems mundane to adults may be annoying to some, but for […] Read More