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Reading Richard Dawkins Led To My Conversion

Recently returned from a Mission Trip, we headed straight to our family week long beach vacation. On fire from my week in Canada surrounded by mostly Catholics, I must have appeared overly zealous to my eldest stepdaughter. An avowed atheist, she recommended I read Richard Dawkins’, The God Delusion, which had been suggested to her […] Read More

Let the Little Children Sit Far Away

I was received into full communion with the Catholic Church six years ago. In my arduous journey to Rome, on the final leg of that most intense trek, I was helped by a young priest in the Diocese of Allentown–one Fr. Butera. He had grown up in a nearby parish where the following story took […] Read More

Apologetics Toolkit: Explaining the Real Presence

I’m part of a informal faith group that meets on a semi-regular basis.  Very often our conversations turn towards issues of doctrine, most recently, the nature of the Eucharist.  My Protestant/Non-Denominational friends are the mindset that Jesus intended the receiving of bread and wine as a symbolic gesture, whereas I am obviously of the Catholic persuasion that […] Read More

Four Ways to Be an Effective Student

“Effective” does not mean “best” and vice versa. An effective student is one who can manage time, submit assignments on time, and actually learn the information, not just regurgitate it on a discussion board. On that, here are a few tactics that I employ. Prologue, Pray This one is hardest for me. I am that […] Read More