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Consent and Contracepting – Part II

In the first part of this series, I offered an explanation, from reason and the nature of marriage as complete consent, for why contracepting is a violation of the marriage bond. In this second, briefer, part II, I want to draw out some of the further implications of marriage as formed by consent. Last week, […] Read More

Killing Them Softly With Kindness: The Problem with Euthanasia

Earlier this month, Belgium became the first country to remove all age restrictions pertaining to euthanasia for minors, leading me to wonder whether misguided efforts to alleviate suffering are more for the benefit of the caregivers than those allegedly suffering. I’m reminded of my mother’s slow decline due to Alzheimer’s disease and my own discomfort […] Read More

The Dawkins Dysfunction

In my four week MOOC course, “New Atheism”, we were asked to discuss: “Which of Dawkins’ critiques provides the greatest challenge for you?” This is directed at Dawkins’ bestselling book The God Delusion. So in my best attempt to imitate Dawkins’ prose, which would probably take years off my life, here is my answer. I […] Read More

The Method of Loci: Building your Apologetics’ Toolset

As a budding (and quite amateur) apologist, I’m constantly looking for new methods to develop my ability to connect with others about the Catholic faith.  Many methods I’ve adopted involve developing my “soft” skills, of which I owe a debt of gratitude to men like Patrick Madrid who taught me that not only does one […] Read More

Consent and Contracepting – Part I

The question was recently posed to me, “How does one explain the Catholic take on marriage and contraception to someone with no religious framework?”  Initially, I was stumped.  Sure, you could talk about natural law, but that is not a terribly accessible approach; nor is it brief enough for a casual conversation.  So, where does […] Read More

The Killjoy of Atheism

Often Christianity will be characterized unfairly as being a system of beliefs that the Christian is brainwashed by from a young age. In a recent viral video of a young child shoveling snow in the cold, he becomes clearly frustrated, looks towards the heavens and exclaims, “Jesus make it warm!” What could be seen as […] Read More

Understanding Modern Islamic Terrorism

What drives Muslims to blow themselves up in order to kill as many innocent people as possible? Desperation. Desperation channeled by ideology that convinces them that this action is a good and holy deed. Desperation Islam was the religion of the greatest world powers from the time of its inception in the 7th century until […] Read More