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The Lighter Side: Thomas Aquinas Memes

HACS is a school grounded in Thomistic Pholosophy which has ignited that love in many hearts of her students. Yesterday was the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas, so this would seem a day late, but I have gathered my favorite memes from around the internet. It’s an idea I have been waiting a long […] Read More

Rosaries & Ovaries

Is abortion a “religious” issue?  Do opponents of abortion want to impose their religious values on society?  Every year on January twenty-second, the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade supreme court decision,  hundreds of thousands of pilgrims brave the bitter cold to walk in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.  2014 marks the […] Read More

A Matter of Life and Death

On November 26, 2013, 33 year old Marlise Munoz collapsed at home, believed to have suffered a pulmonary embolism. Found an hour later by her husband she was transported to a hospital where resuscitation attempts failed and she was declared brain-dead. She was 14 weeks pregnant. The patient and her husband, both paramedics by training, […] Read More

Evernote: A Digital Commonplace for a Digital World

How often have you been deeply immersed in the worlds of Middle-Earth, Narnia, or Dante’s afterlife, and were so struck by a passage that it resonated within you as you paused your reading, for just a few seconds?  How about pouring through Aquinas, Kreeft, or Lewis?  I can’t even guess how many times they drove […] Read More

Learning From the Original Islamic Terrorists

Pop Quiz : Who were the first Islamic Terrorists? A) Al Qaeda B) The Muslim Brotherhood C) Hamas D) Hezbollah E) The PLO or F) The Assassins (Read on to find out the answer!) Today, the scourge of Islamic terrorism is rampant. We’ve recently witnessed terrorist acts in Kenya, Boston, Benghazi, Pakistan, Russia, London, Iraq […] Read More

The Jargon

“Yeah, so my truck driver told me there was a red-ball, so we comm’d over to the pointy-hats in order to get the DFLC changed. The Jet was good on EOR, but squawked no-go within minutes.” Every field and discipline has its jargon, its special vocabulary and terminology.  To an outsider, jargon can be off-putting.  It can lead […] Read More

Is it Anyone’s Guess? Details About Assignments

“The professor didn’t tell us how long this paper has to be. What do I do?” My early college experience didn’t start out very well; I learned things the hard way. Wrestling with professors over the use of semicolons and how to cite a Bible verse, it took some time to learn three things: 1) How […] Read More