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Everyone’s a Bit Knotty


When glancing over the myriad of Marian devotions in the Catholic Church, it’s easy to find yourself pondering: “How do I pick one? Can I pick only one? In the end, aren’t they all just prayers to Mary?” Yes, our Marian prayers do all end up in the same place, in God’s hands through Mary. But, the long list […] Read More

In Pursuit of Happiness: Homosexuality and Transgender

From Ellen DeGeneres to Caitlyn Jenner Each of us has witnessed the shift in attitude toward homosexuality and transgender that has been occurring in America. When Ellen DeGeneres made her announcement in the late 1990s, she experienced some backlash but made a swift recovery, eventually launching her career as a successful talk show host. She […] Read More

6 Reasons to Consider an Online Education from Holy Apostles College & Seminary

When I tell people I completed a master’s degree online, they often react with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion. I imagine they probably wonder if the degree could possibly be real. At least, that was what I wondered a few years ago before I began the program. But now, as an alumna of Holy […] Read More

Why Are the Catholics Not Leaving?

The Pew Research report on the state of Christianity in America is still making the rounds. Everyone and their mother is weighing in on how to interpret this new information. Is it ultimately good? Is it bleak? What can we learn? We do we go from here? One of my favorite Catholic bloggers, a priest […] Read More

The May Magnificat

  The May Magnificat is a poem by the Jesuit priest and poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1899).  It is a beautiful meditation on why the month of May has traditionally been associated with our Blessed Mother.  We are experiencing so much suffering in our world due to wars, terrorism, abortion, attacks on Christian marriage, and […] Read More

Why They Leave, Why We Stay

Big news this week from Pew Research, huh? Seems everyone is talking about the decline of Christianity in America. But I wonder if this really is a decline. Raw Material There’s something curious about the reasons people give when asked why it is that they chose to leave the Catholic Church. The reasons that feature […] Read More

The Eucharist which I was Denied

As a protestant, I always had questions as to why we celebrated communion and why there were so many camps of belief in taking it. Why did it matter how often we took it? Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly – why the fuss? And what exactly was I missing that everyone seemed to get? I get that […] Read More

5 Simple Lessons about Priests

As a parish secretary for several years, I have had ample time to reflect on the role of priests and the laity’s view toward them. The following are five things I’ve learned: 1) Priests maintain the life of a parish. We see priests offer Mass and hear Confessions, but what do they do when they […] Read More

A Failure to Delineate

A little bit of anger wells up in me every time that I see the Human Right Campaign logo. You know the one; it’s the yellow equal sign on a blue background. If you’ve been on the road at all today, you probably saw it as a bumper sticker on more than one vehicle.  For […] Read More