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ISIS and the Transcendence of God

As we’ve watched the daily advance of the jihadist group ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), or as our presidential administration prefers, ISIL (the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant)…or as they themselves prefer, IS (the Islamic State)…hereafter referred to as IS, we’re simply dumbfounded at the shocking brutality of this scourge. […] Read More

Hobby Lobby and Principles of Cooperation

Human persons almost never act alone.  We are the result of community (the union of our parents, the first community), we live and act together with others in community, and we are made for Blessed community, sharing the inner life of the Triune God.  What we do matters and what we do with others matters. […] Read More

More Thoughts on Doing Theology “on Your Knees”

Meeting with representatives from the Gregorian University recently, Pope Francis spoke on the work of theology and the importance of doing theology “on your knees”.  What does it mean to “do theology on your knees”?  Fellow DPS blogger Rebecca Royse wrote beautifully on this last week.  As students of philosophy and theology, we would do well to reflect […] Read More

Contraception at Villanova

There seems to be a case of the “gimmie-gimmies” going around.  While the First Amendment is essentially on trial before the Supreme Court, a student group at Villanova University wants free contraception offered at the Augustinian University, modeling itself after similar programs at Georgetown University and Boston College.  While the student group would not be […] Read More

Rosaries & Ovaries

Is abortion a “religious” issue?  Do opponents of abortion want to impose their religious values on society?  Every year on January twenty-second, the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade supreme court decision,  hundreds of thousands of pilgrims brave the bitter cold to walk in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.  2014 marks the […] Read More

The Jargon

“Yeah, so my truck driver told me there was a red-ball, so we comm’d over to the pointy-hats in order to get the DFLC changed. The Jet was good on EOR, but squawked no-go within minutes.” Every field and discipline has its jargon, its special vocabulary and terminology.  To an outsider, jargon can be off-putting.  It can lead […] Read More