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Your Guide to the Easter Triduum

Tomorrow begins the Easter Triduum, the highest point of the Catholic liturgical year. It is also the shortest liturgical season of the Church calendar. This three-day celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ marks the end of our Lenten journey (liturgically speaking; our Lenten fast does not end until Holy Saturday) and […] Read More

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage …

First comes love, THEN comes marriage, THEN comes baby in the baby carriage … I am continually amazed at the things that I read … and not always in a good way. As the title goes … First comes love, then comes marriage, THEN comes baby in the baby carriage … there are reasons for […] Read More

Hananiah, Azariah and Mishael

Hananiah, Azariah, Mishael – who are they?? This posed a mystery for me as I heard these names repeated during the Liturgy of the Hours. The names come from chapter 3 of the Book of Daniel in the context of praising the Lord. I would imagine even those who don’t pray the Liturgy of the […] Read More


The Problem with Surrogacy

Everyone is screaming about their rights. Straight couples, gay couples: it doesn’t matter. They believe they have a “right” to happiness, a child will make them happy. So, ipso facto, they have a “right” to a child. This “right” is to be gained no matter the cost; no matter the “rights” that have to be […] Read More

Synod on Marriage and Family, Gays and God’s Word

“I see you love gays more than God’s word!” That was the FB private message I received from “Facebook User” last Monday night. Hmmm … I didn’t need to ponder too long before I realized who it was. Looking back in the string of comments, I noted that I had had previous conversation with this […] Read More

Why I Love Confession

I love Confession. It is perhaps the greatest benefit of being Catholic. Before I became Catholic, I couldn’t comprehend why it was necessary to confess one’s sins to a priest in order to be forgiven. Why couldn’t I just talk to God myself? Confession is not just a stumbling block for non-Catholics; it’s a stumbling […] Read More

Teach Your Children Well

As I prepare to begin my third year teaching an 8th grade CCD class, the lyrics of the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song, “Teach Your Children Well,” pop into my mind. Teach your children well Their father’s hell did slowly go by, And feed them on your dreams The one they picked, the one […] Read More

Surrogacy Is Big Business … But Is It Moral?

Surrogacy is big business! A simple Google search on the term “surrogacy” returned 1,150,000 results in slightly over a quarter of a second. Several targeted advertisements promised payments to egg donors and surrogates up to $36,000. Another ad targeted homosexual couples seeking a child, touting their clinic’s success with dual embryo transfer where each embryo […] Read More

Reflections on the Sign of Peace — Acknowledging Christ in the Other

This reflection began back in January when I read the following Minute Meditation, one of the daily email feeds available from Acknowledging Christ Eye contact is more than a polite gesture – it is a simple yet meaningful acknowledgement of Christ in the other. — from Tweet Inspiration There is so much truth packed into […] Read More