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From Atheism to Faith

Check out the publication of a new book by EWTN entitled From Atheism to Faith available at EWTN


Where Have All the Atheists Gone?

Atheists do not exist! No, that’s not a joke or wordplay.  I mean it.  There are no atheists. What is an atheist? An atheist is a person who denies the existence of God.  Don’t take my word for it, Stanford et al. will tell you the exact same thing.1  Atheists assert that God does not […] Read More

Origin of the Universe

Q.        In the movie “God is Not Dead,” the professor states that physicist Stephen Hawking proved that the universe just created itself, by the law of gravity. Is that depiction accurate? In one sense I can answer “yes” to your question about accurate depiction: Hawking really did write in his 2010 book “The Grand Design” […] Read More

The Dawkins Dysfunction

In my four week MOOC course, “New Atheism”, we were asked to discuss: “Which of Dawkins’ critiques provides the greatest challenge for you?” This is directed at Dawkins’ bestselling book The God Delusion. So in my best attempt to imitate Dawkins’ prose, which would probably take years off my life, here is my answer. I […] Read More

The Killjoy of Atheism

Often Christianity will be characterized unfairly as being a system of beliefs that the Christian is brainwashed by from a young age. In a recent viral video of a young child shoveling snow in the cold, he becomes clearly frustrated, looks towards the heavens and exclaims, “Jesus make it warm!” What could be seen as […] Read More