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Meriam Ibrahim – Revealing Extremism or True Islam?

Recently, the saga of Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who was imprisoned for “converting from Islam”, has come to a happy conclusion. Her story, however, brings up an obvious contradiction within Islam regarding forcing people to convert. Meriam’s father was Muslim and mother Orthodox Christian. Her father abandoned the family when Meriam was very young […] Read More

Why I Love Confession

I love Confession. It is perhaps the greatest benefit of being Catholic. Before I became Catholic, I couldn’t comprehend why it was necessary to confess one’s sins to a priest in order to be forgiven. Why couldn’t I just talk to God myself? Confession is not just a stumbling block for non-Catholics; it’s a stumbling […] Read More

Can We Know if There are Animals in Heaven?

I want you to meet Professor the Schnauzer. Emily and I have had Professor for almost four years and he has been such a joy in our life. We realize he is only an animal, but there is something about unconditional adoration from an animal that can make the worst of days turn into a […] Read More

The Church and Her Trilemma

If you had asked me twenty years ago who my favorite author was, I would have immediately replied, “C. S. Lewis.”  I was only nine years old and had already read the entirety of the Chronicles of Narnia.  By my fourteenth birthday, I had devoured Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, Mere Christianity, Miracles, The […] Read More

Just a War or Just War?

The President of the United States has reluctantly called for a handful of airstrikes to aid the Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq and defend the Iraqi civilians trapped by the Islamic State terrorists. With the nation tired of war in the Middle East and occupied with a bevy of domestic problems, the President must be […] Read More


Where Have All the Atheists Gone?

Atheists do not exist! No, that’s not a joke or wordplay.  I mean it.  There are no atheists. What is an atheist? An atheist is a person who denies the existence of God.  Don’t take my word for it, Stanford et al. will tell you the exact same thing.1  Atheists assert that God does not […] Read More

Does Jesus Really Hate Religion?

Recently a friend of mine sent me an article published on Fox News by a Christian pastor who was the latest voice to echo the statement that “Jesus Hates Religion.” Those who take this view associate the word “religion” with hypocrisy, self-righteousness, judgment, merit-based salvation, ignoring the poor, pointless rules, bondage, and war. The spirit […] Read More

Is an Annulment a Catholic Divorce?

Many of us know of couples that have divorced. Some may be Catholic couples that divorced, remarried, and are able to receive the Sacraments with no problems because they received an annulment. Other Catholic couples we may know divorced but were told they could not remarry as they were not given an annulment. This may seem confusing […] Read More

A New Catholic Offensive on Abortion

By now, most people frequenting Catholic websites will have heard of Fr. Robert Barron, the evangelist and current rector of Mundelein Seminary. His Catholicism DVD series has turned him into a household name. Personally, I was anticipating that series years in advance. A friend, my sponsor when I entered the Church in 2008, introduced me […] Read More