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The Old Man and Marriage Before the Fall

In 1805 explorers of Franconia Notch in NH were amazed to see an outcropping of rock formation on the side of a mountain that resembled the profile of an old man. This “old man of the mountain” became the icon of New Hampshire, appearing on license plates, toll tokens, and road signs. Suddenly in the […] Read More

Honoring Our Father

Honoring Our Father Did you know that there is a Church approved apparition of God the Father? In 1932 God the Father appeared to Mother Eugenia Ravasio who at the time was the Superior General of the Congregation of Our Lady of the Apostles. The Father spoke to her in Latin—a language which she did […] Read More

A Failure to Delineate

A little bit of anger wells up in me every time that I see the Human Right Campaign logo. You know the one; it’s the yellow equal sign on a blue background. If you’ve been on the road at all today, you probably saw it as a bumper sticker on more than one vehicle.  For […] Read More

Mary, Who Is Called the Magdalene

    The Easter season brings St. Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostles, before the eyes of the whole Church.  Many consider Mary Magdalene to be Mary of Bethany.  St. Gregory the Great, among other Church Fathers, stated that this was so.  Tradition in the West sided with this opinion for centuries.  The collect for […] Read More

When ‘Unbiblical’ Means ‘Unpalatable’

When I was a protestant, there were a number of passages of Scripture that nagged at me. They were the sort of passages that fuel countless little arguments in every protestant community. Some verses had to do with internal protestant debates, such as those surrounding free will, while others – the ones that I found […] Read More

A Door Locked from the Inside

“I can’t believe that a loving God would send people to hell.” “Why did God create some people if He knew they would reject Him and go to hell?” “If God is all-powerful and all-good, then why doesn’t He just destroy Satan and hell?” “As long as you’re a decent person then there’s no way […] Read More

School of Athens - Raphael

Evangelists Need Apologetics, and Apologists Need Philosophy

As Catholics, we have a necessary commitment to spread the Word of God and make disciples of all the nations, lest we forget the Great Commission. An evangelist, deriving from the Greek (transliterated) eu meaning good and angelia meaning message, is literally someone who spreads the good message of the Gospel. What makes a good […] Read More

Meriam Ibrahim – Revealing Extremism or True Islam?

Recently, the saga of Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who was imprisoned for “converting from Islam”, has come to a happy conclusion. Her story, however, brings up an obvious contradiction within Islam regarding forcing people to convert. Meriam’s father was Muslim and mother Orthodox Christian. Her father abandoned the family when Meriam was very young […] Read More

Why I Love Confession

I love Confession. It is perhaps the greatest benefit of being Catholic. Before I became Catholic, I couldn’t comprehend why it was necessary to confess one’s sins to a priest in order to be forgiven. Why couldn’t I just talk to God myself? Confession is not just a stumbling block for non-Catholics; it’s a stumbling […] Read More