The Angelicum Academy, which is currently celebrating its fifteenth year, in partnership with the Adler-Aquinas Institute, has enabled students from the age of 14 and up to earn college credit through its Great Books program. Advanced students can complete up to 60 credit hours in Great Books and in Theology by the time they complete high school.

Because the credits the Angelicum Academy provides are recommended by the American Council on Education, and because more than 1,700 colleges accept those credits as transferable into their undergraduate degree programs, advanced students can enter college in their junior year.

Holy Apostles College & Seminary is happy to announce its full partnership in this endeavor with the Angelicum Academy and the Great Books.

adler_socraticWhile on their website, check out the remarks on the Common Core,, the home school Angelicum curriculum, and the K-12 online Socratic discussion.  It’s worth the dissimination of the DPS members. God bless and pax vobiscum

Stephen Bujno

DPS President

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