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Four Ways to Be an Effective Student

“Effective” does not mean “best” and vice versa. An effective student is one who can manage time, submit assignments on time, and actually learn the information, not just regurgitate it on a discussion board. On that, here are a few tactics that I employ. Prologue, Pray This one is hardest for me. I am that […] Read More

The Method of Loci: Building your Apologetics’ Toolset

As a budding (and quite amateur) apologist, I’m constantly looking for new methods to develop my ability to connect with others about the Catholic faith.  Many methods I’ve adopted involve developing my “soft” skills, of which I owe a debt of gratitude to men like Patrick Madrid who taught me that not only does one […] Read More

Evernote: A Digital Commonplace for a Digital World

How often have you been deeply immersed in the worlds of Middle-Earth, Narnia, or Dante’s afterlife, and were so struck by a passage that it resonated within you as you paused your reading, for just a few seconds?  How about pouring through Aquinas, Kreeft, or Lewis?  I can’t even guess how many times they drove […] Read More